Noah is Healthy

Baby Noah James Durham arrived September 23rd at 7:17 am. Weighing 7lbs.10oz. and 20″ long. He is absolutely perfect and is such a gift from the Lord. 

It has been a long and emotional few days, but God has been there every step of this process. From the time that we arrived in Nebraska we really got a chance to hang out with the birth family and get to know them really well, which was amazing and really helped both us and them to feel comfortable, but it also made us feel connected to them so saying goodbye was harder than I thought it would be. 

We arrived at the hospital at 6:30 am and they took birth mom back immediately and Noah was born 45 minutes later. She didn’t want to see him right away so they took him to the nursery where we were excitedly waiting to see him. The nurse brought in a pink, crying, healthy little guy who was so perfect and beautiful that our hearts just melted and we were in awe of such and AWESOME GOD that we serve who is so FAITHFUL. 

I have been inducing lactation so I was able to nurse him right away and he is a great eater! Since I am nursing the hospital gave us a room of our own and we were able to have him the whole time in our room. This was a total blessing and a detail that I didn’t know was even going to happen. I just love how God provides all of our needs, even the ones we don’t know we need. 

After Noah was born we had to wait 48 hours till the birth mom is able to sign the papers over to us. That 48 hours had its ups and downs for us and was way more emotional than I expected. But at about 10:30 on September 25th Noah James was signed over to us to raise and to love for the rest of his life. 

The next step is just waiting for all the paperwork to be complete, which hopefully won’t take to long. We have loved our time here but we are ready to get back to our home. 


The only thing that could cause any problem at this point is the birth father has 1 more business day till his rights are relinquished. So we pray that all of this goes through and that we don’t hear from him.

This has been an amazing journey and such a blessing! Our hearts are full of joy and love for the precious life that has entered the world. 


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