In Nebraska

Since our last blog we landed in Denver, got in a car and drove the 6 hours to Nebraska. We are staying in a beautiful guest house of a friend of ours on a ranch and it is truly a huge blessing. So peaceful and relaxing out in corn country. 

Birth mom and baby are still doing fine, she is having consistent contractions, but baby has not decided to make his way into the world yet so at this point the c-section is still scheduled for Monday morning. So we get to spend a little bit more time here in Nebraska than we expected, but it actually has been such a huge blessing in disguise. We have been able to meet with birth mom and her family twice since we have been here and it has been amazing! God is so good and knows exactly what is needed. We have been able to really get to know her, see where she lives, and introduce who we are. As well as being able to share the love of Jesus with her in small ways. 

We are going to hang out again with her tomorrow and possibly sunday too. If we would have shown up at the hospital without this time of getting to know her it would have been really awkward so of course once again the Lord knows what he is doing and what is best. 

Thanks for praying through this with us! It’s an amazing journey!


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