It looks like little Noah James Durham is coming into the world a little sooner than expected…ONLY problem…We’re still in Florida…Actually, we are writing this blog on the airplane while Hope is watching Curious George, on our way to Denver, CO. We land at 8:30 PM.  From there we are borrowing my parents car and driving to Nebraska. Late Night ahead. 

Today I got a call at about 2:00 from our birth moms sister, Heather. My heart kind of dropped when I saw the call and hesitantly answered it. She proceeded to tell me that her sister was having contractions every 4 minutes and was at the hospital. This is about 5 days sooner than the expected C-section date. So we are still in Florida not Nebraska. The doctor ended up sending her home and said that the C-section was going to happen very soon. Most likely tomorrow!!! I immediately changed our flights (thankfully it didn’t cost anything!) to fly in today. As soon as we arrive we will hop in a car, drive the 5 hours to Nebraska and hope to be there by 3 A.M. 

 There is so much excitement in this process for us!  With the excitement, has come the struggle not to be anxious or stressed with the last minute changes and the unknowns. Pray for the birth mom that all would go smooth with her C-section and for Noah to be healthy.  Also pray for us to be a light to the birth mom.  

We are so thankful to all our our friends and family who are supporting us in this process. Your prayers, encouragement have been great pillars for us.  Thank you to for all that have helped us afford to do this. We are here because of many people that love us and that is blessing

We will be in touch soon…maybe with a picture!

Kevin and Emily


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