Possible Match!!!

I feel like this process has been very slow up until about a week ago. We are so happy that we have a lead with a possible birth mother!!!! So exciting!!! I can’t go into very many details at this point because it is so up in the air and a lot of things could fall through, but Honestly, this whole process if very risky until the adoption papers are signed and we are holding our baby in our arms. But we are still so excited and hopeful for this match! And I can’t wait to tell you everything! 

This is very quick so we need to get some stuff done! 

Step 1. Complete our home study… This is happening on Sunday the 11th at 2:00pm.  So pray that it will go well and we will have a great visit with our social worker. 

Step 2. Complete our adoption parenting class…. This is scheduled for Tuesday the 13th at 7:00 pm

Step 3. Find 2 adoption attorneys…. DONE! (birth mother is in a different state, so we have to pay for two…UGHH)

Step 4. Pay for the adoption attorneys! … Not done. This part is about $9,500 (AHHH!) that we will need to have by next week. Crazy, but God has done bigger things than this and we are just trusting in him to provide. 

Step 5. Pray, pray, pray. Actually this should be step 1. !!!  Pray for the possible birth mom, for that sweet baby, and for all the finances to come in for us. And pray for God to just be in the middle of this whole thing. To lead us and guide our steps. 

 FYI:  After our home study is complete we can apply for a grant and hopefully cover some of the costs. (I know that I might talk about money a lot, so sorry if I do but it definitely has been the biggest concern for us and God is truly stretching us in this area of trusting him.) 


I hope to be posting more info soon, but in the mean time thanks for praying!!! 


Also, we have a few items on ebay! Check them out!


Amber Wing’s Wakeboard 



Ronix Quarter till midnight wakeboard and boots



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